kumar gas agency


We are a group of companies dealing in all types of Industrial & medical gases. All gases such as Oxygen ,Disolved Acetelyne ,Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Carbon-di-oxide, Argon ,compressed Air, Ammonia, Medical oxygen, Nitrous-oxide, Mixture gases are readily available.

Ultra High purity gases,welding electrodes and the relevant accessories to operate and use these gases. Entire hospital solution can be provided under one roof. The company also deals in all types of fire extinguishers, Welding rods & General accessories. Repairing , servicing & annual maintenance contracts for Fire - extinguishers are undertaken as well. We cover Local & Regional sales too. The experience of the company encompasses more than 3 decades. It is headed by well learned and administratively experienced persons. The success of the group has been the result of close attention to quality, after sales service & its genuine commitment. We look forward to your positive response which would help us provide you the best quality products.